The Soft Stuff

A compilation of job descriptions, interview questions, career ladders, tools and resources.

Like npm, but for technical managers and leaders.

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As technical professionals we're rarely expected to implement entire solutions completely from scratch.

Need to implement a machine learning program? Start with TensorFlow.

Automate your entire development, test and deployment workflow? Sure.

Full-featured application framework? Plenty of options in any language you use.

Heck, you don't even need to write your own library to pad a string.

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Now that you're managing staff, why are you staring at a blank screen trying to write a job description for a Senior Software Engineer?

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As technical professionals we get better at our jobs and we get better as a community by learning from each other and freely sharing the tools we use.

Why should we stop doing this when we move in to management?

The Soft Stuff collects templates, tools and processes that you can implement in your organization if they don't already exist. Licenses are specified for everything linked or included so you know your rights to modify and use what you find.

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